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  • 8 years ago
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I'd heard of negative calorie foods before in theory, but only really celery given that when you eat it, apparently the food contains negative calories so you actually burn off calories by digesting it. Of course this is open to debate, & one I do not wish to take sides on, but I found a resource of other food items that were also considered negative calorie via byokloseweight.co.uk and thought i'd give it a shot of having a negative calorie diet day. Even though some of the foods have natural sugars, such as grapes or strawberries I decided to give it a go.
Breakfast consisted of grapes & tangerines with water, I had lots of water in between before a salad lunch with mango, lettuce, celery, and strawberry which had a great crunch to it. This was served alongside a peach and pineapple smoothie (basically the two whizzed together) which tasted phenomenal!
Dinner was a stir fry with no oil but using natural flavourings from chilli and garlic that really filled me up a treat, served with an apricot, rhubarb & orange puree all in all I ate pretty darn well.
As you'll see in the evening my energy levels dropped, perhaps as I didn't keep things ticking over, but all in all it was quite an interesting experiment and has certainly opened my eyes to eating a little healthier.
Whether it was negative calorie or just a very high fibre diet I felt amazing for it and I think managed correctly with the right balance of other nutrients (like most diets should) it really did get me thinking about how eating healthy can fill you up too and is maybe more of a mental thing to listening to your body.

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