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NES Longplay [071] Crystalis

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  • 10 years ago

Played By: Tsunao

Known as God Slayer: Sonata Of The Far-Away Sky in Japan.
A pretty neat RPG game by SNK (y'know...the same assholes that make their end bosses in fighting games tough). You control a d00d who wakes up in a world...or something...and have to take on an empire...or something.

Game info thingamajig: As mentioned, it is a RPG (action RPG at that). For this playthrough, I collect all of the items and equipable accessory thingies (like the Rabbit Boots) and Bracelets (Tornado Bracelet is required, Flame Bracelet is picked up after Kelbesque fight, which may or may not be skippable, Blizzard Bracelet is optional, as well as the Storm Bracelet). Some enemies in this game are immune to a certain element, so switching WILL be abundant in this playthrough. Oh, and grinding IS a must! If you aren't at a certain level when you reach a boss, you will do no damage to it, even when using the sword the boss is vulnerable to. That is why I try to destroy as many enemies as possible on a screen. Don't be all "Huh?" when I move to an area and my level increased. You don't wanna watch me do the grind thing. There is a grind here and there, but only if it is minor. The only spell I don't use is Telepathy. All it does is allow you to talk to the Wise Men if you are stuck. Sometimes, they restore your MP.

This game was also ported to the Gameboy Color, but it sucks HARD!! Reduced screen resolution (hope you like getting sideswiped by an enemy), inferior music, and NO way to tell if that one particular element is powerful against that one enemy. All the swords will do damage...but which one is better?

If there is anything that looks like savestate loading is due to me not editing properly.

WTB: Crystalis Virtual Console release.

Cameo thingies: Ikari Warrior's Ralf (Ralph) and Clark are in this game. Psycho Soldier's Asina (Athena) and Kensu (Kensou) are also in this game as well.
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