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NES Longplay [907] Pachicom

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  • Video description
  • 12 months ago

Played by: Reinc

Pachicom is a pachinko video game released for multiple platforms that is themed around pachinko. It was released in 1985 exclusively to the Japanese market.

There are 300+ playing fields that differ only in background color. In actuality, there are only two slightly different playing fields: one with a slot machine and one with three holes. There also are two modes of play: in A, the timer starts at zero, and the game goes on until you score at least 3000 points. You then go to a Bonus Round where the objective is to hit the little man who randomly moves around on the board; in B, the timer starts at 100,000, and the objective here is to score as many points as you can before the timer reaches zero.

There is a hidden message in the Famicom version that can be found in any hex editor. Almost five percent of the entire ROM (2.05 kilobytes out of the 41 kilobyte ROM image) is taken up by this otherwise inaccessible message. The message, written in romaji, features a lengthy rant towards the game's executives, harshly criticizing them for forcing changes on the fly, particularly the sound effects and even showing how to replace them with the initially intended sounds. A much shorter rant, presumably written by the same person and also in romanji and accessed via a hex editor, was included in the MSX release.
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