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NEW Nintendo 3DS - All Questions ANSWERED!

NihongoGamer Follow
  • Video description
  • 5 years ago
**Update** - Just uploaded PART 2 with even more questions! http://youtu.be/rrCookb1LqM

Every question you had, and a few you didn't, about the NEW Nintendo 3DS answered!

Plus a new soundtrack I wrote especially for today ;) Enjoy!

- Does the C-stick work?
- Is the d-pad clicky?
- Is it too small for people with big hands?
- Is the internet faster than before?
- Do HTML5 games and websites work?
- Can the C-stick be used in Super Smash Brothers for shortcut attacks?
- Can the C-stick be used in Kid Icarus to aim?
- Is the battery life better?
- Are the graphics better?
- How good is the 3D face tracking?
- Can cover plates be changed easily?
- Can you use your old Nintendo Network ID?
- Does the screen wobble?
- What is the pancreas?
- Is the New Nintendo 3DS worth buying?
- Does the C-stick work like a slide pad for older games?
- Does it play Super Nintendo (SNES) and Gameboy Advance (GBA) games?
- Is the home screen still really slow?
- Are themes included with cover plates?
- Does it come with a charger?
- Does it come with a memory card, and if so, how large?
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