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No way I can lose this game

Pants are Dragon - Challenger Guides to LoL Follow
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  • 8 years ago
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Jokes on me, shit I didn't think this video would go popular wow...

Music: Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod

3/26/2013: A message to you all, I have literally read all the comments and I love all the positive feedback and even the well written constructive criticism, as that will help me improve on any upcoming videos. TBH I didn't think this video was like somewhat good, and just thought it was going to be going nowhere. But I'm still new at commentating and choosing my words, I'll probably get opinions from friends before releasing a video next time to see what I can improve on to make sure the next video will be perfect!

A big warm thank you goes out to all who subscribed, all who liked the video and all who gave me well written constructive criticism.

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