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Nothing has been helping me! What do I do? Twitter T...

Kati Morton Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Great questions for #katiFAQ / Twitter Thursday

1. @KatiMorton #katifaq kati hopefully I’m not too late but what is consider self-harm? Can it be more than just cutting?

2. Do you have any advice on how to juggle an eating disorder when you truly do need to lose weight? I just got out of 2 months of treatment at timberline knolls. The reality is that I do need to lose over X lbs. when I was at tk my family therapist and dietitian had a family session withe and my mom. But all the educating they did with my mom seems to have gone out the window. My mom is convinced my meal plan will make me gain weight because I need carb exchanges at every meal

3. @KatiMorton #katiFAQ Counseling & drugs haven't been helping me. I can feel my darkness coming back. What do I do to stop this downward mess.

Journal topic!! Thanks Rosy Pigott!!



Eating Disorder Workbook

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