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Nurture and Support

FoodnSport Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
Dr. Graham’s Baby Rule: If you would not do it or feed it to a baby because it is not nurturing, do not do it or feed it to yourself.

When does the shift occur from the mindset of doing all you can to nurture and support your baby to really having to restrain yourself from doing harm to your teenager? Little ones never intentionally harm themselves, yet teenagers and youngsters in their twenties consistently experiment with discovering the limits of how much abuse they can withstand and still be functional the following day. Children do all they can to heighten and hone their awareness, while many teens and an alarming number of adults seem quite intent upon dumbing down their awareness as much as possible. From whom should we be taking our cue, and what lesson can
we learn? Do we deserve adult-sized portions of nurturing, or do we need less and less as we mature?

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