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Nutnfancy Glock Mods

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
The Glock pistol is very serviceable from the box and many choose to keep it completely stock. Not me. With some cost effective mods the gun can be better. I usually will put in a 3.5 lb connector that will reduce the trigger, improve reset and LOP, and reduce overtravel. While it can also increase your accuracy and I find this mod (for me) improves my shooting speed. Good brands for this are Ghost, Scherer, and Lone Wolf trigger connectors (and others have also come and gone). I recommend leaving the Trigger Spring stock however and allowing the connector to do the lightening. Incidentally, I have no need for the heavy "New York" Glock trigger mods and find them ridiculous. I don't engage in any radical changes of the Glock grip to include frame replacement or radical frame modifications; mastering the grip angle of the Glock is easy enough and such mods add immense cost to your gun. But some Glock models suffer from the smooth sides that offer little traction. This can be easily solved with application of "Decal Grip" brand pre-cut traction material made specific for the gun. Available in either sand or thin hard rubber, the latter is my preferred material for ease on the hand and clothing while offering excellent traction even when wet. Other options include Brooks Tactical "AGrip" synthetic suede material (expensive, not as durable but great feel) and the rubber slip on sleeves (grabby to clothes, avoid the palm swelled varieties that increase grip size on a Glock). The Glock Rough Textured Frame or RTF models may not need such grip enhancements. Other modifications include cheap Glock factory components like the installation of a Glock 34/35 extended mag release (Glock Part #1981) which I slighty sand to kill to sharp edges. This can speed up mag changes a lot without inadvertent drops. Also I fit a Glock-factory G34/35 extended slide release (Glock Part #7496 3-pin, #7489 2-pin) for one handed recharging of the gun with a fresh magazine (the stock Glock release has dreadful ergos). Several magazine options exist but I often will run a Plus Two baseplate on my Glocks' drop free magazines (usually Glock brand variety, Scherer brand ok too; Arredondo brand is too big and expensive for my needs). Most mag springs will run fine with the +2 baseplates but insertion of a stronger Wolf brand spring will ensure reliability. Many sight variations abound for the Glock but unless the sights have a night capability, I again have no need for it (Glock shooting competitors might). In most POUs tritium sights should be fitted and I run Meprolights or Glock factory night sight most often because they are bright, long lasting, and cost effective. Other good brands include Trijicon, Heinie ("Straight Eight" Night Sights, Brownells #394-322-000), Aro-Tek, or TruGlo (very cool day/night sight utilizing fiber optic and tritium combination). To avoid damage while installing the rear sight blade, use a sight pusher tool (like the excellent "B&J Model 500 Universal Sight Tool," Midway USA #163458, about $120 and less on sale or for FFL); installation of front requires a small sight wrench. For home defense and many other applications, use of a weapon mounted light is advised. The Glock factory lighting modules are serviceable albeit obsolete with new high powered LED lighting opitions. Many choices exist but as of 2009 is hard to beat the cost, small size, brightness, and good throw of the Streamlight TLR-3 light. Of course these part numbers, prices, specs, models, and even brands are a snap shot in time and can change and I will be unable to update the list. But the Glock remains a favorite go to war handgun for me due to its amazing lightweight, outstanding firepower, proven accuracy and reliability, toughness, 34 part simplicity, and standard setting cost-effectiveness. Application of a few well-chosen and affordable mods makes it even better. ////////////////// Music: http://www.partnersinrhyme.com

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