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One Small Habit That Will Turn Your Life Around

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  • 4 years ago
We all want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, save some money, or just do that thing that’s been on our bucket list for years. It’s the journey that becomes too bumpy, and we give up before even truly experiencing the benefits. But maybe it’s time to realize that small steps can be the answer to taking giant leaps? All you need to succeed is to remember the importance of pace!

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Set a realistic pace. Slow down, okay? 0:54

Take baby steps 3:06

How to start exercising 4:18

... and not to get Leaky Gut Syndrome 4:57

Why extreme diets are really bad for you 6:25

Lose weight at a slow consistent pace! 7:30

Just one thing at a time 8:05

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- How many years have you been building on your bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle? You have to set a steady, realistic pace to change these years of bad habits into good ones.
- It’s hard to swap your daily fries for a salad. It’s hard to suddenly start taking an extra hour out of your busy day to hit the gym. And that’s ok!
- Slowing down can actually help you make those healthy changes you so desperately crave.
- Don’t start off by putting half your salary into a fixed savings account and starving yourself for a month.
- Once you get into the habit of really saving every month and pacing yourself with these small adjustments that turn into big lifestyle changes, you might even get to go on awesome vacations on a regular basis without stressing about the budget at all!
- The same goes for exercise. It may seem like three days out of a whole seven-day week is a small change, but for someone who hasn’t exercised for months or perhaps even years, it’s pretty drastic!
- Research posted in an Australian sports journal discussed how intense exercise regimens increase the chances of developing Leaky Gut Syndrome.
- So instead of punishing your body with a sudden and strict workout routine, cut yourself some slack.
- Extreme diets are also not the answer to a healthier lifestyle. If you suddenly deprave your body of all the food it’s been used to for so long, your brain will trigger survival mechanisms.
- Multiple studies also show that if you lose weight at a slow consistent pace that’s healthy for your body, the chances of it staying off for good are a lot higher!
- One more tip before you start this slow yet promising new journey: start by only changing one thing at a time.
- So don’t try to make too many changes at once, however small they may be. You’ll still get to your destination even if it takes a bit longer.

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