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Opening 24 Fortnite Booster Packs In 2020! (Legendar...

KobesMind Follow
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  • 1 year ago
In today's video we open up three Fortnite Card Boxes. I purchased these Fortnite Cards from Walmart. There are also Fortnite Card Packs at Dollar Tree. These Fortnite Card Packs and Boxes are from the Fortnite Series 1 Card Packs. I hope to get Fortnite Card pack series 2 eventually! I hope to get the Recon Expert or Renegade Raider from these Fortnite Packs, but did I? Watch the video to find out! Would you guys like to see me unbox Fortnite Card Packs Live? I could potentially do it in the future if I figure out my setup! Fortnite Card Pack ASMR is out of the question though LMAO. I could also do a Fortnite Card giveaway with my duplicates if I continue this series and get a lot of them! Thank you guys for watching. Make sure to tell me if you want more of these videos!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kobesmind

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