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Otterbox uniVERSE Review PolarPro BeatPulsar Revie...

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  • 4 years ago
Need to add some "oomph" to your iPhone's speaker while seamlessly attaching it to your iPhone? Look no further!

Get it now on Amazon: http://mreh.ca/2bv3x8h
*Non-US viewers will need to use the links on my site to be brought to the right Amazon store

Otterbox uniVERSE Review: https://www.mobilereviews-eh.ca/otterbox-universe-review-iphone-6s-cases/

Today I’m going to do a quick review of the PolarPro BeatPulsar for the Otterbox uniVerse. This is bluetooth speaker that attaches to the Otterbox uniVerse case for the iPhone 6s’s. I was a little surprised at how useful and loud these little speakers where.

For my PolarPro BeatPulser speaker review, I’ve given this accessory two thumbs up mostly because it makes your iPhone a little boom box which is awesome. Or turns any table into a fancy conference room phone system.

If you’re looking for the review of the actual Otterbox uniVERSE case, go here:


The BeatPulsar connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, has a 500 man battery that is suppose to last up to eight hours. I can’t talk much about the quality of the sound but it is definitely louder than the tiny speakers of the iPhone.

Attaching the PolarPro BeatPulsar to the uniVERSE is quite simple as all you have to do is slide the speakers onto the back of the case. Make sure the BeatPulsar clicks into the case.

The entire setup is quite stable and the physical design of the speakers allows you to comfortably use the iPhone with the speakers attached. Well, as comfortably as having a yam sized attachment on the back of your iPhone.

When it comes to loudness of the speaker, the BeatPulsar registered An average of 80 db's on a song which was noticeably higher than the 70 db's I got from the normal iPhone speaker..

I am not the best judge when it comes to the quality of sound as I haven't had enough experience with high quality systems but it doesn't terrible. In fact, placing the iPhone face first improves the base of the speaker system which is neat. The last thing to note is that the beat pulser comes with stereo speakers which is another step above the IPhone.

From a practicality standpoint, I think if you're a mobile office worker and have to do lots of calls, having the BeatPulsar is going to be fairly useful as you'll be able to let everybody in medium sized conference room be able to hear the conversations through the iPhone.

You will be able to hear your phone ring a little better with the BeatPulsar, if you have Bluetooth connected.

With all things considered it's just really nice to have something that will bump up the loudness and perhaps the sound quality of your iPhone speaker whenever you want. I was really glad I had the BeatPulsar as it made scrapping the underside of my deck much more bearable.

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