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Overwatch - HUGE Reaper NERF EXPLAINED! - PTR Patch ...

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming Follow
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  • 1 year ago
Reaper has received a HUGE NERF to his life steal. In this video I'll show you just how MASSIVE this change is to his survivability. Reaper destroys at lower ranks, and this nerf will make him MUCH less powerful! I also go into detail on the McCree HUGE BUFF and how that will impact the game. We cover Sigma's MASSIVE nerfs alongside Orisa's reduction in power. It looks like Blizzard are starting to tackle the issue of Power Creep in Overwatch. Hanzo see's his storm arrow power reduced, which means he loses 50 dps overall when all 5 arrows hit (that's really huge). Baptiste sees his healing output DESTROYED and his fire rate is reduced.

Orisa and Sigma changes are really interesting, it could show a move towards making these tanks very much the "defensive anchor tanks" used to lock down areas. Will they be terrible on attack now? Kinda looks that way!

I'm loving this though I have to say. We've had 2 major balance patchs on PTR in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully Blizzard can keep this update pace up!

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-ptr-patch-notes-%E2%80%93-jan-23-2020/450285


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