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Pasta Recipes: Italian Food: Italian Food Recipes: R...

Richard Blaine Follow
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  • 4 years ago
A classic pasta dish! Pasta Ragu Alla Bolognese! The recipe can be found below! Enjoy!

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I was given this recipe by a girl named Marcella-Dimagrisci. She said this is the way they make Bolognese in her part of Italy. Here is a link to her blog: http://dimagriscicongusto.blogspot.com/
Enjoy the recipe!

1 onion
2 carrots
2 stalks of celery
10-12 ounces of minced veal (more or less 3 cups, i think)
1lb (more or less 2 cups, i think) of minced pork, not fat
fresh bacon (more or less 1 cup, i hope!),cut into pieces( not the smoked one)
5tbs of extra virgin olive oil (if you need add more oil or 2 tbs of butter)
1 can 15oz tomato puree
half small can of tomato paste
salt and pepper to taste
1 glass of red wine
1 glass of whole milk
8 ounces of meat broth
Parmigiano reggiano to taste

1)Pour oil in a pot with high edges, lightly fry on medium heat onion, carrots and celery chopped previously lightly fry on until become golden brown.
2)Add all the meat and Sauté them well, 10 minuts more or less.
3)Deglaze with red wine
4)Salt and pepper
5)add half of the broth little by little, meat should absorb it
6) Now ADD tomato puree and triple concentrate
7) Stir and let's cook on low heat for 2 hours joining, when needed, the remaining broth
8)After two hours add the milk, add salt and pepper again if needed.
In Italy we eat it with fresh egg tagliatelle but it's good with every kind of pasta. When you have to serve the ragù alla bolognese with tagliatelle mix everything in a pot, sautè for a couple of minute and sprinkle every dish with a good amount of parmigiano reggiano.
I hope you'll try this dish and you'll enjoy it
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