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  • 7 months ago
REVIEWS: Bronze Ambition (https://bit.ly/2GmmMjm), Bronze Temptation (https://bit.ly/2WT1i2s), Dark Star (https://bit.ly/2UR0lWH), La Vie En Rose (https://bit.ly/2tjOBQS), Metalmorphosis (https://bit.ly/2MYOanT), Platinum Bronze (https://bit.ly/2MZgfvk)

SWATCHES: Bronze Ambition (https://bit.ly/2tiPoRY), Bronze Temptation (https://bit.ly/2E63lcl), Dark Star (https://bit.ly/2GhIy7G), La Vie En Rose (https://bit.ly/2RQv6cp), Metalmorphosis (https://bit.ly/2SEJ2uC), Platinum Bronze (https://bit.ly/2SoYR9g)

DUPES: Bronze Ambition (https://bit.ly/2SINEzH), Bronze Temptation (https://bit.ly/2UUxS2m), Dark Star (https://bit.ly/2BvJnpk), La Vie En Rose (https://bit.ly/2E5kh2o), Metalmorphosis (https://bit.ly/2E5MrKJ), Platinum Bronze (https://bit.ly/2SGJus3)

BEST OF PAT MCGRATH -- https://bit.ly/2SGGlsf

I’m most enamored with the Mothership/MTHRSHP eyeshadow palettes, the latter of which I feel are more approachable, more consistent, and more foolproof. The larger Motherships work best when following the brand’s guidance on how to use each shades (some are sheerer on purpose, some should be used with a dampened brush or fingertip, etc.). Over time, I have ultimately enjoyed all of the Motherships, particularly when pairing them with the coordinated MTHRSHP palettes released. For me, when I work with Pat McGrath eyeshadows into a look, they always sing–the final result leaves me feeling over the moon with the results.

All six available as of 2/10/19 @ Sephora (affiliate link!) -- https://bit.ly/2Gxo1eI


Bronze Ambition Look #1 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-rich-gold-bronze-eye-with-pat-mcgrath-sublime-bronze-ambition/
Bronze Ambition Look #2 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-sublime-look-with-pat-mcgrath/

Bronze Temptation Look #1 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-green-gold-berry-look-featuring-pat-mcgrath-sublime-bronze-temptation/
Bronze Temptation Look #2 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-sublime-halloween-look-featuring-pat-mcgrath-sublime-palettes/

Dark Star Look #1 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-smoky-gold-blue-look-featuring-pat-mcgrath-subliminal-dark-star/
Dark Star Look #2 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-subliminal-dark-star-look-with-pat-mcgrath-subliminal-palettes/

La Vie En Rose Look #1 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-gold-fuchsia-purple-eye-with-pat-mcgrath-subversive-la-vie-en-rose/
La Vie En Rose Look #2 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-subversive-look-with-pat-mcgrath/

Metalmorphosis Look #1 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-subversive-halloween-look-featuring-pat-mcgrath-subversive-palettes/
Metalmorphosis Look #2 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/i-dream-of-metal-with-pat-mcgrath-subversive-metalmorphosis/

Platinum Bronze Look #1 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-smoky-bronze-eye-with-pat-mcgrath-subliminal-platinum-bronze/
Platinum Bronze Look #2 -- https://www.temptalia.com/look/a-subliminal-look-with-pat-mcgrath/

Social -- I'm @temptalia everywhere!

Be sure to check out Temptalia's features --

~ Swatches: https://www.temptalia.com/swatch-gallery/
~ Makeup Dupes: https://www.temptalia.com/makeup-dupe-list/
~ Foundation Matrix: https://www.temptalia.com/foundation-matrix/

P.S. -- I'm trying to learn some video editing and, hopefully, will get more proficient at transitions and adding a lil' more to these quick product overviews and may incorporate voiceovers in the future. I'm experimenting with trying to use some of the content that's already available in blog format to make it more accessible on YouTube, but I can't balance both full-on YouTube videos and full-on blogging (which is 60-80/hours a week presently, and I'm always behind!). I'm hoping there's value in reviews that focus on the "meat" of a review.

P.P.S. -- You will see ♫ in the title when there's only music in the background!

Snowfall by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0
Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/jIsaq_7RqjY
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