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Path of Exile: ZIGGYD's LOOT FILTER - Beginner ...

ZiggyD Gaming Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 years ago
In this video I give you a guide to my own personal Loot Filter for Path of Exile 2.0: The Awakening Expansion. The ZiggyD Loot Filter is designed to use the natural colors of Path of Exile, not be too intrusive and teach new players vendor recipes and crafting bases. Using it will reduce the time you spend searching through loot and increase the amount of currency you make.

You can always find the most up to date version of the loot filter here: http://ziggyd.tv/featured/ziggyds-loot-filter/
Current Version is 1.1

More Detailed Loot Filter Installation Guide:

Loot Filter Details:
- Leveling Friendly: Hide lower bases as you level up.
- Help New Players Learn PoE: Distinguishes vendor recipes and chance orb bases
- Hide Only Useless Items: Doesn't hide anything you might want
- Immersive: Doesn't stray far from the natural colors used in PoE
- Highlights High Value Items & Currency: Never miss another Exalt or 6 Link Item!
- 100% Legal: This is a feature implemented & endorsed by GGG.

Please share any feedback or suggestions in the comments below so I can continue to improve this filter! It was crafted not just for me but also for the community.

Path of Exile is a loot-based Action RPG by indie developers Grinding Gear Games on the PC. It's free to play and you can register for an account here: http://www.pathofexile.com/
The 2.0 Awakening Expansion is a free addition to the game and adds Act 4, new mobs, new skills, new items and removes Desync.

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