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People Who Took Petty REVENGE Too FAR!

Tannar Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
Another big big thanks to razer for sponsoring this video, you guys know how much i absolutely love razer as a brand so super stoked to have them here supporting me and the channel!
here is the lovely laptop! feel free to check it out!

hello friends,

welcome back to my channel - today we are going to be looking at petty revenge

i hope you guys enjoy, if you do... please feel free to leave a like on this video and subscribe. i post videos almost every day!

for more epic tannar content:
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the people who make this channel possible..
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if any of these clips of pictures are yours and you'd like them removed please email me at tannar@clickmgmt.com.au - i will happily remove them from the video before any further action needs to be taken.
thankyou.. :)

love you all, thank you for the constant support.

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