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Phantasy Star Generation: 1 [ファンタシースター] Game Sample ...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 10 years ago
Usually, I wouldn't say much of anything about this game; It's Phantasy Star after all. However, since this one is a little more unusual, I suppose I'll say a little bit about it.

Phantasy Star (Generation: 1) is a low-budget remake of the original Phantasy Star released on the Sega Master System. The quality of this remake is debatable; some feel that it is excellent while others feel that releasing it as a budget game (part of the Sega Ages 2500 series) is a mockery to what was originally a great pioneering RPG. They felt that the game should have been a full-fledged overhaul that had Sega's undivided attention, not just handed off to some random division to deal with. In some ways, I can relate to the disdain of the dissatisfied. As a whole however, the game is still an interesting remake that can be followed (mostly) from start to finish with little more than an FAQ for the SMS game...that's how much of a straightforward remake it is.

The graphics have been updated from 8bit to...ehhh...I'd say high-end 16bit or some kind of wacky 24bit. I can imagine this game on a 24bit system. In all seriousness, this could have easily been achieved on Playstation or Sega Saturn (the only difference being a lower resolution perhaps). The music has been updated as well as the dialogue. The game does offer a little more conveniences over the original SMS game for the sake of the next gen gamers that would happen to stumble upon it. Alis (or Alisa) now starts with basic spells and characters can engage in "Consultations" (like PSIV) to remind you of your current objective (and at one point in this remake, is used to progress through the game).

The game also introduces "Collaboration" (you might find it odd that Tyrone/Odin is casting magic in my video). Collaboration is similar to "Macro" (those familiar with PS know what that is) except the naming convention doesn't make sense since Collab attacks are done with a single member and rely on equippable crystals that randomly break when used. Basically, you equip a character with two elemental crystals and depending on the type of weapon a character has, you get to use different types of "Ultimate" magic. The crystals break OFTEN. The reason for that is because (besides Meseta) they don't cost any MP to cast. You should only collab on a boss if you feel it is necessary.

The game seems to have changed the events around somewhat from the SMS game, so while you can use the SMS guide to get through most of the game, you will have to think a little on your own to discover things from time to time. That said, the game seems easier during the earlier portions of the game, but the difficulty seems to go up near the end. It's an okay remake, but I wish it didn't seem so generic at times (it's obvious to me that it's a Sega Ages game the whole time I'm playing it). Would it have really killed Sega to make anime cutscenes instead of using slideshows/stills and stuff? There's not that many major events in the game where they couldn't afford to go and dig a little deeper.

This is a sample of various gameplay.
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