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Profhilo, The Injectable Glow, session 3 and results

Speed Beauty by Caroline Barnes Follow
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  • 1 year ago
Just before Christmas, I visited The Lovely Clinic for a follow up Injectable Glow treatment. I never had a chance to film the second treatment I had with Sarah in the summer as I was too busy. So I’m pleased to now share my third treatment with Sarah and the results to date.

Dr Sarah Tonks is a leading Cosmetic Physician at her Knightsbridge Clinic, The Lovely Clinic.

I was invited to experience "The injectable Glow" treatment last year, which is a speedy injectable Hyaluronic Acid treatment (also known as Profhilo) it's used to provide instant radiance to the skin and is meant to produce excellent natural looking results, which was key for me.

Dr Sarah will try and join in with the beauty chat, so please do leave any comments and questions about the treatment below the film.

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The Injectable Glow by Dr Sarah Tonks at The Lovely Clinic
Over time, skin becomes more dull and dehydrated. Fine lines and wrinkles start to show and skin feels less hydrated from within, which results in a loss of luminosity – that elusive internal ‘glow’ that topical moisturisers just can’t replace. Dr Sarah Tonks, leading Cosmetic Physician and founder of The Lovely Clinic (TLC) has come up with a solution. She offers her clients three variations of Injectable Moisturisers including Profhilo®, the star injectable that provides instant radiance and can be used as an add on to most rejuvenating treatments. If you’re wondering how it works…The injections change the light refractive properties of the skin to give a more even complexion. So if you have fine lines and wrinkles these are diminished giving an airbrushed appearance, if your skin is dehydrated, then the hyaluronic acid will help to hold the water in the skin and make it dewier giving a long lasting serum effect without the serum. Profhilo® won the most innovative new treatment at the Aesthetic Awards 2016

Dr Sarah has a YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-VkndyEgqx1_k-L2K5V6A/featured COSMETIC PHYSICIAN

Dr Sarah Tonks is a master in the field of beauty enhancement, with an enviable reputation for tasteful results that enhance every face. Located in her practice, The Lovely Clinic (TLC) on Walton Street, Dr Tonks specialises in enhancing external beauty and wellbeing to give her clients the true joy of life. With doctorates in medicine and dentistry, and diplomas in cosmetic science and dermatology, she possesses the perfect combination of high-level training, extensive experience and natural talent.



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