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Proper Glock Lubrication.

MattV2099: Guns & Food Follow
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  • 8 years ago
This is how Mattv2099 Lubricates his Glock semi-automatic pistols. This demonstration shows a good way to lubricate a fighting pistol. To properly lubricate your Glock, use a patch. Dampen that patch with some oil. Wipe the barrel lug, barrel and inside of the slide where the barrel touches it. Put a drop in each slide rails and use gravity to let the drops run the length of the rails from top to bottom. One drop is used to lubricate the spot where the trigger bar and connector touch.
Glocks are designed to function properly with only several drops of lubricant. Large amounts of lube can collect excess carbon and other debris and lead to malfunctions. Do not lubricate the firing pin / stricker channel. Do not lubricate the breech face, feed ramp or chamber.

These videos are simply conveying information or answering questions. These are the videos where I'm not joking (maybe a little SOMETIMES). From simple table top overviews to unboxings to how-to tutorials. You can find them here. Glock basics and wax slugs side by side with the home made bump fire stock. Oftentimes these videos are requested by viewers. In the future I intend to make one comprehensive ruger 10/22 bump fire stock video. If you want more basic videos regarding AK-47's I suggest you check out my second channel called "MatthewJamesBeast."

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