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PS3 Longplay [044] Warhammer 40000 Space Marine (par...

World of Longplays Follow
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  • 8 years ago

Played by: BoneofHead

Full play through with collectables.
Loved this game when it came out. Really wish they made a squeal.
Gunplay feels a little tagged on but this kind of fits in with the play style the game was going for, got to get in close and dirty and tear some guys up with a chainsword :)

Only a couple of bad moments in the longplay I feel 1 when the ai tels me to follow him to the door then stands at a permanently sealed door until i realised then went to find the correct door myself.
Second bad moment in the longplay was when I didn't realise I had been given a new objective and may have spent a little too long fighting a never ending wave of orcs until I got taken down, game didn't provide me with a very good edit point here so had to redo a few minutes of the fight.

Part 1
Chapter 1: Planetfall
Chapter 2: Agaist All Odds
Chapter 3: Belly of the Beast
Chapter 4: Titans of Graia
Chapter 5: The Inquisitor
Chapter 6: Lair of Giants
Chapter 7: Heart of Darkness

Part 2
Chapter 8: Whispers of the Dead
Chapter 9: The Weapon
Chapter 10: House of Secrets
Chapter 11: Point of No Return
Chapter 12: Dying of the Light

Part 3
Chapter 13: Wake the Sleeping Giant
Chapter 14: Victory and Sacrifice
Chapter 15: Prince of Deamons
Chapter 16: Spire of Madness
Chatper 17: Man Againts Daemon
Chapter 18: Epilogue
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