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PS3 Longplay [049] Dragons Crown (part 1 of 2)

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  • 7 years ago

Played by: Tsunao

Beat 'em up-ish RPG by Vanillaware.

Go on an adventure as one of six playable classes as you beat critters up. A crown and/or dragon may or may not be involved.

Simple game, really: go in a stage, beat critters, beat a boss. There's also many chests, bones, and a secret or two in a stage (requests show how to access the secrets). Later in the game, you get Runestones that allow you to activate all sorts of bonuses, from doubling scoring to insta-killing foes. There's also six playable characters with different playstyles.

This longplay goes through the story with Elf on a clean file with the 1.01 patch, thus no narrator repeating lines. There's also more stuff. Split into two parts: first part covers the beginning (initial clear of the 9 stages). Second part covers everything else: going down B routes, defeating the final boss in all three difficulties (Normal, Hard, Infernal), and the optional Demon Lord, along with the endings.. Hard, Infernal, and Demon Lord were done with a Wizard. Hard-Ancient Dragon and Infernal-Ancient Dragon was on 1.01. Demon Lord was done on 1.02 (thus overcharge). No requests done (well, the Search and Resurrection, only because it is super easy don't involve playing through a stage). Not all runes spells shown because I couldn't get the D runestone. -_- There's also a time out on Kraken, a failure at Wraith, and a few continues used.

There's also a bonus video showing the images (and the lore) from clearing requests and all sorts of stuff.

Don't mind any shoddy editing.
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