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Q&A August 3rd 2015 Part 1

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 4 years ago
0:13 When cutting, is there any point in running a linearly periodised program? will changing reps constantly be too much to recover from and adapt to?
1:38 Do you think there's merit and/or physiological value to training at a "powerlifting/weightlifting gym" vs the normal fitness center and do you think it affects any sort of gains in athletic performance and/or muscle gain?
2:54 Hey Jason,
Why is it so happening that bodybuilding & physique community is so hatefull and trashing one another in contrast to people, who trains for perfomance (powerlifters, athletes in sports etc.), which are far more supportive and have more respect to each other?
Thank you!
4:24 I have injured my back deadlifting (rounded it) and now get pain when i lean forward. it improved and went away when i stopped doing deadlifts and bendover barbell row, but happened again when i attempted to row again. Can you give me alternates to deadlifts and bendover row that would not jeopardize my back. i am paranoid and i am very scared to cause more serious damage. even squats, although not causing back pain, makes me scared now. The only compound move left for me is bench press. I appreciate your help for alternatives to build strength.
6:05 On the bench, Im struggling immensely with squeezing my shoulder blade together. I can keep my back arched, but that seems to be about it. Is their any advice you can give that would help me train that motor pattern more effectively?
7:27 In an isocaloric surplus (300-500kcal) given that training volume, intensity, hornonal levels, protein matched, and all other factors are accounted for, would you build more muscle on a high fat / low carb diet or a high carb / low fat diet?
8:56 key to regaining strength + size after a month long holiday?
10:20 Dear Jason, do you believe that years under the bar develops mental toughness and discipline alongside physical gains? Do you think this aspect is overlooked most of the time? Thanks for your insight!
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