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Q&A August 3rd 2015 Part 2

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 3 years ago
0:13 Jason thoughts on Jose Castillo getting popped for Winstrol in the IPF? Drug tests do work after all...
2:31 In your latest PED stack video, you said natural vs unnatural is an younger man's argument. Did you mean that in that a healthy, 20-year old, non-competitive, recreational lifter shouldn't be using any PED's or were you simply saying natural vs unnatural is a debate younger naive lifters argue about?
3:56 I have to run 2 miles in 13:50 minutes for the Army to get an APFT badge. Besides just running, what kind of endurance program would you recommend for me to possibly reach this goal thank you.
5:40 Jason, I find that using a little body english when I row and do Lat pulldowns engages my lats better and strains my shoulders less. Any reason for this?
6:41 Do you believe that the "mind muscle" connection has real and legitimate benefits in significant hypertrophy gains; or is it mostly bodybuilder bunk?
8:09 Any recommendation in going on your linear progression program from novice program? Should I take a week off or ?
8:56 Is the Pendlay Row a good accessory and back developer even for someone who does a semi sumo deadlift? I'm thinking it has more carry over to the conventional.
9:40 Hey Jason, as a Texas native, what do you think about our #cuckservative politicians who refuse to do anything to secure the border? What do you think about Trump?
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