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Q&A July 13th 2015 Part 1

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 5 years ago
0:13 Jason, could you explain the key flaws with the glycemic index system? If I remember correctly, in the past you've mentioned that it has some issues, I was just wondering if you go into detail a bit. Is it useful for diabetics and just has no application for healthy people? Or is it even useless for diabetics as well? Thanks!
2:13 From a nutritional stance, how do you approach the day before a heavy single attempt? I tend to eat as large a surplus as I can comfortably stomach (ie crap-load ha). Just wondered your stance on this, if there is a point of diminished returns as such (in your opinion)?
3:54 I find the fact that the %1RM of the press is the same as that of the bench in all weeks on the Intermediate Program unnecessarily difficult, a complaint shared by the majority of the comments on the program thread. I have barely been able to hit it despite 5 or more minutes rest between sets on the 4x10 week.
+ are there any plans for an intermediate program #2 to come out?
6:50 The UFC's new drug testing policy says that all fighters on the roster will be randomly tested 5 times a year. If it is truly random, can this testing make a significant dent in PED use?
8:35 Jason, there is conflicting evidence on both sides, what is your personal opinion on dairy (all things from butter, milk, to protein powders). You mentioned many people are intolerant, but what if an individual handles it fine? Thanks!
10:21 Will doing high bar squats exclusively leave some lagging development in the hamstrings?
11:28 What's an example day of eating for you? Do a full day of eating video.
13:21 Whats your take on doing drops sets for direct arm work just to save time?I already spent 2 hours at the gym which often makes me skip direct arm work because I dont want to waste any more time with just arms.However if I did for example 3 drop sets for triceps and right after it 3 drop sets for biceps which would
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