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R6 New Operators Leak - Oryx & Yana Gadget & Abiliti...

NukemDukem Follow
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  • 1 year ago
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Defender is a 130 kg male, nicknamed Oryx, eastern appearance, breaches walls with his body(just like Smasher from Outbreak event). His weaponry consists of MP5(no ACOG), SPAS-12(Valkyrie's sg), Bailiff 410.(Judge) and USP40.

Attacker is a female with like able appearance(on the level of Ela) code named Yana(or something like that), gadget is really weird and vague - she sends some kind of a hologram that she can control, but that's all about it. Her weaponry is ARX200 with the ability to place a vertical grip, G36C(Ash's other rifle) and MK1 9MM(Canadian secondary).

We also have information about Y5S2 defender - a female with african appearance, for now she's indev nicknamed "Slowpoke", her gadget slows enemies(to a speed where they walk like in barbed wire), also she can mark hostile's gadgets through cams. Her weapons are only halfway revealed: they are T-5 SMG and Super 90.

Next elite sets are planned for Buck and Zofia.

Also, in the end there's a note that Ubi plan on their own Battle Royale game. However, it won't be in R6.

Take everything with a pinch of salt, especially the Y5S2 leak, everything's a bit vague even for reading in russian, but it fits with the leaks we had before.

Apparently, there's info about Y5S2 Attacker as well. His weaponry is AK-12, Commando 552 and M1014. Just like with Wamai (at one time he had a Spear .308), one of the rifles will be taken away on release.

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