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Rahdo Talks Through, Episode #47 (Apr 2019)

rahdo Follow
  • Video description
  • 2 years ago
Year 8 announcement!!!


•••[00:01:44] Games of Interest►►►
Altar Quest, Dice Quest, Floor Plan, Key Market, Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky, Bruxelles 1897, Hamlet, Dungeon Academy, Dead Reckoning, Letter Jam, Maracaibo, Margraves of Valeria, Namiji, Running Quest: Sould Raiders, Save the Meeples, Starlight, Sanctum, Trouble in Templetown, Underwater Cities: Expansion, Venice, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks & Architects

•••[00:27:33] Top 10 Revisits►►►
Uwe Rosenberg

•••[00:49:13] Gaming Q&A►►►
Burgundy Expansions? Reprints? Overlooked games? Tile drafting games? How do I make my lists? Paladins of the West Kingdom solo? Marvel Comics universe reboot? (oops, personal one slipped in there) Hottest recent designer? Revisiting games leading to enjoying more or less? No Rahdo Twitter engagement? Protections for designers in game industry? Expansions make game weaker? Martin Wallace/EGG? Story games? What's best about expansions? 3D printers vs Kickstarter? Art vs Artist? Game designer vs developer? Game suggestions? Repetitive strategies? Fox in the Forest? Will I design a game? Ant Lab Games? One size fits all games? Jen's preferred games? Games as art lead to no fun? Too kind to games? Gaming Rules vs Watch it Played? Least fave podcast question? Was Vasel right about Moorea? How good is Roll for the Galaxy Rivalry? Dragonfire gets a ranking? Feast for Odin expansion? Background music for games? The rise of co-ops? Choose your own adventure books? Brass Birmingham ranking? Roll Player vs Concordia vs Loyang? Does game "take that" alter real brain patterns? Rahdo fatigue? Rahdo final thoughts? Aeon End ideal play order? Snowdonia still stand up? Am I running through faster? Do I beat myself up IRL? Rahdo subtitles?

•••[02:28:14] Personal Q&A►►►
Catch 22 tv series? Rahdo in Austin? Jen hesitant to get into gaming? Playing more group games in hte states? Turning 50? Spiderman One More Day? Secret Wars 3? Married too young? Situationally famous? Beatles board game? Jen's take on Wizarding World theme park? One one ethnicity's food forever? Mountain climbing worthwhile? Tour our new surroundings? Fish truck? Thundaar's pterodactyl? Our finances? What do we miss from Europe? Lab grown meat? Our Planet miniseries? Who does Jen want to be in Harry Potter-verse? My preferred nickname? Into the Spider Verse? Binge watch TV or weekly watch? Food we missed in Malta that we can have now? Puppy advice?

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