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REAL vs Gummy BUG EATING Challenge

Brooklyn and Bailey Follow
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  • 1 year ago
Ever eaten a bug??? We ate several of them, including tarantula, scorpion, and centipede in today's newest challenge video... a REAL vs Gummy BUG EATING Challenge!

Also, be sure to help us create our first original music track by clicking the information button in the video and voting for which Drum Line you like best! Be sure to check our other socials this week to vote on other components of our music track! How cool is that???

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Special thanks to our friends Talisa & Tavia, and our cousin Preston for braving this challenge with us! Our parents visited Thailand last February, and tried several of these bugs while they were there! Dad, of course, thought it would be funny to bring some home for us to try! This is definitely one of the grossest and funniest food challenges we have done!

The object of this challenge is to make a spinner wheel with alternating sections for a gummy worm vs a real bug. Then each participant takes a turn spinning the wheel, and whatever it lands on... they HAVE to eat it!

Here are the edible bugs that we included in the challenge:

* Tarantula
* Scorpion
* Grasshopper
* Termites
* Ants
* Silk Worm Larvae
* Centipede
* Bug Kabobs (crickets & grasshoppers)
* Gummy Worms

Of course, luck is a huge part of the spin, and the winner can either be the one who somehow eats the least real bugs... or like we wanted to do, crown the winner who was the most brave in eating the grossest bugs! In this case we had a hard time choosing between Talisa, Preston, and Bailey (who ate tarantula and a huge centipede)!

Each bug was actually factory sealed after being cooked/fried in oil, soy sauce, garlic, and other spices. (If you would like to buy some, you can search for edible bugs from Thailand on Google. You could dip them in chocolate and use them as pranks at school, and maybe even film a few prank videos!)

Leave a comment below telling us who you thought won the challenge, and let us know what bugs you think you could eat!

Also, don't forget to vote for which drum line we should include in our first original song, and check in on our other socials this week to vote for more!

❤️'s -Bailey


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