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'Reflections' with jw

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  • Video description
  • 8 years ago
Jesper 'jw' Wecksell, CS:GO player for FNATIC, is the star of the 59th Episode of 'Reflections'. This interview was conducted on December 26th.

Time line of topics discussed:

00:00 Intro
00:15 The infamous cheat accusation video of him on mill vs. ESC
02:23 Was he an online star early on in CS?
03:45 Did other pros think he cheated early in CS:GO?
04:43 Could he have gotten into good Swedish teams back around the Epsilon days?
06:45 pronax's influence on FNATIC for Dreamhack Winter 2013
09:37 Was the gap exaggerated between FNATIC and the other semi-final of NiP vs. VeryGames at DHW 2013?
11:03 Difficulties facing Ex6TenZ teams
12:03 Facing the NiP of 2013
14:55 Winning DHW as some special event
15:55 What happened to FNATIC in early 2014?
18:48 What if LGB had stuck together.
21:31 How olofm would have done if he'd joined NiP
23:39 How did KRiMZ come to join FNATIC?
28:08 The early days of the new line-up
30:18 ESL One Cologne final vs. NiP
32:14 NiP on cbblestone
33:27 Would a FNATIC player have joined NiP prior to starting to win tournaments?
36:44 How jw's game changed in the new line-up
38:57 The AWP through the box vs. Titan on inferno on DH Stockholm
40:13 jw as an AWPer
42:37 Winning the three LANs
43:40 FNATIC's strongest maps
44:49 FNATIC on inferno
47:13 Facing LDLC at ESWC and fb Masters S3 LAN finals
49:27 Facing shox in 2013 and now in 2014
51:25 Did the cheating accusations get to FNATIC at Dreamhack Winter?
53:47 Was there anything different about LDLC in the quarter-final?
55:49 Were they really saving the boost only for that tournament?
57:31 pixel-walking and the immortal bug
1:01:25 Other teams suggesting they knew about the boost before
1:04:30 Contacting valve
1:05:29 Replaying the map
1:10:16 LDLC with the CZ
1:12:36 NiP's level at DHW
1:14:32 NiP on inferno
1:16:30 NiP in 2015
1:17:45 Is FNATIC the best team again?
1:18:44 LDLC vs. FNATIC now
1:20:34 Cheating accusations
1:24:45 Does he think anyone in the top 10 teams cheats?
1:28:25 Other pros not liking him
1:29:57 His personality regarding criticism
1:31:35 The hardest opponent to play against
1:34:49 Making a dream-team of non-FNATIC players
1:38:02 Final words
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