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  • 13 years ago
This is part 2 of The Secret to Getting along w/ Others.

Life Wisdom with Caroline

The Secret to Getting along with Others

In this series of video Caroline discusses various pieces of wisdom to help one live a better and happier life.

This video goes over the idea that, "like begets like." This idea goes under various names, "Karma" in Hinduism, "The Golden Rule" in Judaism and Christianity, "The Rule of Three" in Wicca, etc.

All religions in the world have some version of this rule. Caroline reads different versions of this rule from different religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, traditional African religion, Hinduism, Confucianism, Islam and others.

Caroline discusses how this rule applies in her life and how you can use it to get along with other and be a more happy person.

She also discuss the effect of haters on the internet and recommends that people help spread positive messages instead of causing a chain reaction of hate.

This video was produced by psychetruth


There is a full length better quality of this video posted on livevideo.com.

Feel free to embed and pass this video for any strictly non-commercial use. #Psychetruth #WellnessPlus
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