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Retro-Chic! Aero-TV Takes A Look At The Avipro Bearhawk

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  • 14 years ago
Retro-Chic! Aero-TV Takes A Look At The Avipro Bearhawk

It has classic looks, 4 seats, plenty of interior room and STOL-type behavior -- and it just plain flies great. The Avipro Aircraft Bearhawk is getting serious ganders wherever it taxis by... especially from those who have become acquainted with the specs and performance of this surprisingly agile kit-built aircraft. But, most of all, it's just a solidly good-looking conventionally geared aircraft with GREAT manners.

With a "real world" useful load/CG envelope of 1100-1300 pounds, and cruise speeds in the vicinity of 150 mph (or a little more with the bigger engines), the kit-built Bearhawk has over 90 completed aircraft to its resume, thanks mostly to a QB (Quick Build) kit that the manufacturer claims takes as much as 2000-3000 hours worth of work out of the process.

The Bearhawk was designed by engineer Bob Barrows, with kits produced just south of the border in Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico. Workmanship and quality of componentry get high m,arks form builders and the fellow repping this airplane all over North America, a fellow refugee from Air Progress, Budd Davisson, is particularly proud of the quality of welding that comes in the kit.

The Bearhawk boasts a Vne of 175 mph, cruise speeds of 135-150+ mph (on 150-260 HP), landing speeds of 40 mph, and 200-500 foot takeoff rolls. Rates of climb vary from 1500-1700 fpm, with at least 650 nm range (as much as 900 if you slow down to 50% power). Empty weight is 1150-1350 pounds, while the gross weight is solid 2500 pounds (which is boosted to 2700 for floatplanes). The Bearhawk has a 42 inch cabin width, a cabin length of 9 feet, 8 inches (from t he firewall all the way back to the very rear of the baggage area), a wing span of 33 feet, and a 12 inch wide CG envelope.

Budd says that the Bearhawk QB kit (FAA Approved under the 51% Rule), has a build time of 850-1200 hours, as reported by actual builders. The wings are all metal (with 90% of the riveting having been done at the factory) and the fuselage frame comes pre-welded, painted and ready for cover.

FMI: www.bearhawkaircraft.com
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