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RetroUSB AVS Review - Play Your Old Nintendo (NES) G...

Lon Seidman Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
See 720p 60fps footage here: http://lon.tv/avsfootage - The AVS from RetroUSB is a very accurate NES & Famicom clone system that plays most if not all original game cartridges! See more retro: http://lon.tv/retro and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s - video index below:

01:27 - Hardware overview
05:23 - Gameplay - Batman (more footage at http://lon.tv/avsfootage)
07:06 - Zelda and battery backup cartridge compatibility
07:43 - Cheat codes / Game Genie compatibility
09:23 - Input options
10:30 - Video configuration
12:25 - Scanline configuration
14:25 - Flash cartridge compatibility - PowerPak demonstrated
15:55 - Gameplay - Megaman 2 footage
16:28 - Light gun / zapper / ROB incompatibility
16:54 - Retro USB published launch titles
17:52 - Conclusion and final thoughts

Find it at http://retrousb.com

This is likely one of the most compatible and accurate NES clones on the market. It's powered by an FPGA chip allowing the device to very closely mimic the hardware on an actual Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom.

It outputs at 60fps at 720p and the output is amazing. Excellent image quality, excellent sound, and zero input lag. It works with original controllers.

This might be a good alternative for those looking for an alternative to the NES Classic Edition / NES Mini. This runs off the original NES cartridges.

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