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Review Of The Sony A7S III: THE MOVIE!

Philip Bloom Follow
  • Video description
  • 2 years ago
My full, in-depth review based upon almost two months of using the camera is finally here! This is, of course, a review of the videos features, not the stills features. I wanted to have this review live on the day the camera was announced but with the two videos I had to make for Sony and Atomos for that same time, there just wasn't enough time. My long-form review videos like this normally take between 3-5 weeks to cut. There was a HUGE amount to edit for this that was shot over many weeks, way more than the Sony FX9 review. Somehow, I edited this in 10 days...10 very long days of ridiculously long hours and little sleep.

The chapters are listed below for reference, but I really recommend watching it from start to finish as the whole things have a strong narrative flow to it. :)

Hopefully, you will find it worth the effort! It's informative, fun, silly, educational, has loads of cameos and features BTS from both of the launch day films.

A review can only be a true review if you are unbiased and not being paid by the manufacturer. Whilst I was paid by Sony to make those films, that was all, not my opinion on the camera. This IS a review. My ethics are clearly stated at the beginning of the video.

Pre-order your Sony A7S III here: Sony A7S III: https://gopb.co/a7siii

The rest of the gear is listed after the chapters.

If you found this review useful, if you like, you can buy me a drink to say thanks for the crazy amount of work I put into it (which I would be highly grateful for if you did!) by clicking here: https://gopb.co/buymeadrink

Also if you are interested in any of the gear used please consider buying through the affiliate links. Thank you!

Petition: https://gopb.co/sonylovesanimals video :)

Do check out the 4K 10-bit downloadable versions of the "Now I See Part 2" and "The Paddleboarder" at http://vimeo.com/philipbloom

Original "Now I See" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1W-bPyYR0k

0:00 Cold Open
0:45 Intro
1:45 Coming up
2:25 Ethics
4:32 Quick Opinion on the camera
6:09 What do YOU want from the camera?
10:09 Rolling Shutter
12:22 Codecs
15:30 The original low light King
18:22 The Shoot for "Now I see Part 2"
20:12 Night FIlming
21:50 Day 2 of daylight filming
22:04 Slow Motion
25:09 Now I See Part 2
29:22 S&Q?
31:29 HD 200p/ 240p
32:28 New Menus
33:58 The Noise Reduction Issue
36:05 The Night Reshoots
37:11 The New Body
37:56 A Flippy Screen
39:52 Audio
40:55 IBIS
42:11 Vlogging
44:46 Post stabilisation
46:15 Overheating tests
51:12 Autofocus
52:54 Autofocus settings
56:25 AF downside
57:28 Touch tracking with the EVF
59:29 Raw video
1:01:02 BTS of "The Paddleboarder"
1:04:00 The Paddleboarder
1:06:56 Summing Up
1:08:11 Dual ISO?
1:11:13 The End
1:12:41 The 10-Bit chorus

10% off Film Convert Nitrate off at http://bit.ly/fcnitrate

Sony A7S III: https://gopb.co/a7siii
Sigma 35mm F1.2 ART: https://bit.ly/sigma35artsony
Sony 200-600mm F5.6-6.3: https://gopb.co/sony200600
Sony 100-400mm F4.5-5.6: https://gopb.co/sony100400
Sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM: https://gopb.co/sony70200
Sony 135mm F1.8 GM: https://gopb.co/sony135
Sony 85mm F1.4 GM: https://gopb.co/sony85
Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM: https://gopb.co/sony2470
Sony Zeiss Planar 50mm: F1.4: https://gopb.co/sonyzeiss50
Sony 35mm F1.8: https://gopb.co/sony35
Sony 24mm F1.4 GM: https://gopb.co/sony24

Revoring: http://gopb.co/revoring

Sony CFexpress A card: https://gopb.co/160gbcfea
Prograde 128gb V90 SD Card: https://gopb.co/progradev90128gb
Atomos Ninja V: http://gopb.co/atomosninjav17
Polar Pro Matte Box: https://gopb.co/polarpromattebox
Sony XLR-K3M: https://gopb.co/sonyxlrk3m
Sony ECM-B1M microphone: https://gopb.co/sonyecmb1m
PolarPro Variable ND: https://gopb.co/polarprond
Canon EOS R5: https://gopb.co/eosr5
SmallHD 702 Touch: https://bit.ly/702touch

Thanks to Sarah Seal for the BTS/ Photos and Julian Wakefield for the BTS on the Brighton pickups and of course for "The Paddleboarder"

Featuring the following:
@Camera Conspiracies
@Gerald Undone
@Currently Hannah
@Matt WhoisMatt Johnson
@Wedding Film Coach

Music from Audio Network
"Now I see" by Dario Lup from Music Bed
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