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Rhythm Meditation with Paul Chek Sr and Paul Jr (...

Paul Chek Follow
  • Video description
  • 11 years ago
** Sorry for the poorer sound quality on this clip **

If Meditation is truly the intentional slowing or cessation of mind activity than its no wonder drumming and shaking has been used by clergy, shamans, monks and ascetics alike to induce trance / transcendant states.

In order to experience harmony between the two rhythm meditation participants both must listen twice as much as they lead. Any negative thoughts or competing thoughts will distract from the listening process and net disharmony or stagnation.

Try this one with a friend and use any ole thing for your instrument is a drum is not available; Buckets work great, wood on wood sounds, a container full of seeds to shake etc. The goal here is to find each others base rhythm and begin a call and response between the two participants. A call is a short alteration (flare) of the beat followed by extra space for the response of the other.

djembe drumming
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