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  • 3 months ago
http://vietnammotorbiketours.com Day 8 on the Top Gear Tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tours! Epic riding in the remote north west of Vietnam, and its corners, climbs, corners, descents and more corners as we explore the Moc Chau plateau. It's pure bucket list riding and the best way to see the real Vietnam. There are thousands of beautiful valleys across Vietnam and we stayed in one of them last night. But no rest for the wicked, it's time to endure the daily commute as our slave driver issues the order. And what a way to commute. Mist covered mountains, terraced rice fields, cool mountain air. Tough life for Vietnam Motorbike Tours, but someone has to do it. This is the perfect way to see the real Vietnam.

Alrighty then, day eight. What's on the agenda? According to our itinerary, we leave the green embrace of Mai Chau valley in the morning. With the mists rising off the paddy fields, we hit the road and head higher into the northwest mountains. Check. What else? As we arrive on the Moc Chau plateau the trees fade away to reveal acres of tea plantations. This area is famous for its excellent brew. Okay, well I coffee but I don't mind riding past tea plantations. What else? The temperatures drop as we ride higher. The landscape becomes barren and bare, making it appear isolated and remote. Indeed, this part of Vietnam was a special semi-autonomous zone until the late 20th century. It's certainly a day of elevation changes with Vietnam Motorbike Tours and I suspect we are riding up and down this plateau throughout the day. Exceptional views, picturesque valleys. Loving it. And now yet another word from our culturally inappropriate sponsor. Lets see if the guys are happy with the trip so far or plotting a class action lawsuit.

Plenty of water in Vietnam. And there are plenty of dams too, many of these generate hydroelectricity and around 70% of Vietnam's electricity is generated that way. And somewhere around here is the biggest hydoelectric scheme in Indochina. We are riding in the dry season with Vietnam Motorbike Tours but it still rains occasionally. Over the 10 day trip we just got some light rain for one morning. Apparently they guys get asked a lot about when is the best time to ride Vietnam, and it actually doesn't matter that much. Weather patterns vary a lot from north to south, and the guys based themselves kind of in the middle at Nha Trang because it offers the best year round riding. And they vary the destinations to suit. For example the monsoonal storms up north mean tours like ours that finish in Hanoi are only run for a few months of the year. Corners, corners and more corners. I figure we are climbing the plateau again and it's hard to keep your eyes on the road with views like this. Another awesome day with Vietnam Motorbike Tours and we pull into another classy hotel in Son La, a highland town with a real buzz. Stick around for more adventures in the real vietnam.

VMT website: http://vietnammotorbiketours.com
Vietnam Motorbike Tours Facebook:
VMT channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFkYPD-8gI1yxmVW7_SECPg
Vietnam Motorbike Tours Email: info@vietnammotorbiketours.com
Adventure Oz on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/secretgardenproject
Intro song: YT Nation from playonloop.com
All other songs: https://www.purple-planet.com
Thanks to Youtubers Seven Cinematic, Only Free Stock Footage, JW, and The Travelling Dukes who offered their Vietnam drone footage under the Creative Commons License.
#adventureoz #vietnammotorbiketours #vietnammotorbike

VMT has been featured in a number of motorcycling magazines including Cycle Torque and Australian Motorcycle News. Jason Thatcher's Vietnam Motorbike Tours in Asia have also been featured heavily on the Australian adventure/lifestyle TV show ‘Blokesworld’. VMT riders are the experts and have been running premium quality tours since 2007 for experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling adventures in Vietnam. Vietnam Motorbike Tours headquarters are located in the stunning seaside town of Nha Trang, just a 40 minute flight north of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Just google 'vietnam motorbike tour asia' to see more of our vids.
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