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Robert Greene - Power, Seduction & War | London Real...

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  • 8 years ago
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London Real talks to Robert Greene, Author of The 48 Laws of Power
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Author Robert Greene talks about the reaction to his best-selling books "The 48 Laws of Power" and "The Art of Seduction", what he learned from rapper 50 Cent when co-writing "The 50th Law", how Machiavelli was never a powerful man, and why it is most important to first know yourself and then follow your instincts.

"Some people understand that I'm not advocating crushing your enemy totally." - Robert Greene (03:23)

"I love Napolean Bonaparte who exemplifies more of the Asian philosophy." - Robert Greene (05:33)

"The classic example is Vietnam, there you have two forms of warfare." - Robert Greene (05:56)

"50 Cent is so confident and calm and full of power." - Robert Greene (09:16)

"Because he came so close to death nothing phases 50 Cent." - Robert Greene (10:11)

"Powerful people take a step back." - Robert Greene (13:53)

"That ability to step back and look at yourself and be aware that's the cutting edge." - Robert Greene (14:18)

"I've been studying people like Napolean, Louis XIV, 50 Cent." - Robert Greene (14:44)

"I have in the book Freddie Roach as one of the masters." - Robert Greene (15:24)

"You need to know yourself so well and follow that." - Robert Greene (18:07)

"They did these studies on people in chess and music and sports that after 10,000 hours the brain is operating on a different level." - Robert Greene (27:09)

"Machiavelli was never a powerful man." - Robert Greene (34:57)

"I'm not the CEO, I'm the man behind the throne whispering into his ear telling him what he needs to do." - Robert Greene (37:00)

"Young people are often too much in a hurry to make it" - Robert Greene (42:01)

"That's a great question because I did a lot of psychedelics." - Robert Greene (44:10)

"If I was born in a different environment I definitely would have been a drug dealer." - Brian (55:24)


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