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Russian Summer Soup - Okroshka Recipe - Окрошка на к...

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  • 5 years ago
Okroshka is a cold soup of Russian origin.This recipe serves 4 people. The classic soup is a mix of mostly raw vegetables (like cucumbers, radishes and spring onions), boiled potatoes, eggs, and a cooked meat such as beef, veal, sausages, or ham with kvass, which is a non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented black or rye bread. Okroshka is usually garnished with sour cream. Later versions that appeared in Soviet times use light or diluted kefir, whey, vinegar, mineral water, or even beer instead of kvass. I will be using this recipe with buttermilk. Okroshka is mostly served in summer because the soup combines the refreshing taste of kvass and the lightness of a salad. Okroshka is always served cold. Sometimes ice cubes are added to served portions to keep the soup cold in hot weather.

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Ingredients :

Cooked ham - 75 gr
2 boiled eggs
1 medium potato
Handful of Radishes
Half of Cucumber
Green onions , dill
Kefir / Buttermilk
Carbonated mineral water
Horseradish table - about 1 teaspoon for each plate
Salt pepper

Step 1: Boil your eggs and potatoes until done.
Step 2 : Cut all your vegetables in similar small bite size pieces.
Step 3 : Mix everything together and keep in a fridge until you serve the dish.
Step 4 : Before serving, mix your buttermilk/kefir with mineral sparkling water, add 1 tsp of horseradish and season well. Then add that into your vegetables, mix well and serve.

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.

Окрошка на кефире - холодное первое блюдо русской кухни, которое готовят, в основном,  в жаркое время года. Процесс приготовления окрошки состоит из двух частей, а именно, приготовления сухой основы для окрошки и порционной подачи на стол, во время которой окрошка заливается кефиром. Если использовать кефир в чистом виде, окрошка получается слишком густой. Поэтому, кефир разбавляют несоленой газированной минеральной водой.

Ингредиенты: на 4- порций окрошки:
колбаса вареная - 75 г
яйцо - 2 шт.
картофель средний - 1 шт.
редиска - 50 г
огурцы - 1 шт.
зеленый лук, укроп
несоленая газированная минеральная вода
хрен столовый - примерно 1 чайные ложки на тарелку
соль, перец
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