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RV Lemon Life | Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS 2016

Hebard's Travels Follow
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  • 3 years ago
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1. Buy Rig... And extended warranty
2. Travel extensively in your rig. TEST EVERYTHING.
3. Live in your rig exclusively for more than a couple of months.
4. Go over rig with a fine tooth comb and find anything that is out of ordinary or incorrectly installed, not satisfactory, or not working. Keep a list with dates issues are found.
5. Touch base with manufacturer within the manufacturer's warranty and send them the list  of defects with the rig. Since repairs can take a long time make sure this list is very thorough. You may be out of warranty by the time you get your rig back after repairs. KEEP EVERYTHING IN WRITING. PERIOD. Also, GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING (Email is the easiest for keeping records).
6. Set appointment with authorized (by manufacturer) repair center or mobile technician. You can also request a factory date. These usually go faster and don't require as much shipping, however they rarely agree to it from what we have seen/experienced.
7. Go over your concerns with the dealership in person, and do a walk through with them. If you have a very long list like we do there are a couple of scenarios.
     7.a) too many large repairs: request the dealership call the factory and arrange for repair at the factory. If the factory did not say yes the first time. Sometimes they will say yes since the dealership/repair center advised it, the second time. If repairs are extremely major (electrical, plumbing, structural) I would consider asking them to setup for repair but tell them if not repaired correctly you will be requesting a new rig.
     7.b) if you are confident in your repair centers ability to repair and things are not large repairs, continue with dealership.
8. If any denials at this point and you are within your warranty you should consult an attorney about breach of warranty. (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). They must make a reasonable attempt at repair, this is federal law.
9. THIS IS A NUCLEAR OPTION: If you're at this point, likely they have responded to your attorney and your requests unsatisfactorily, but there are still a few options such as:
     9.a) Full repair of your rig (which I would sell afterwards or trade in)
     9.b) Replacent of your rig with your choice of rig/equal value or more if they feel generous
     9.c) Triple Damages. This is when things went especially terribly. This pays off your rig, pays you extra for your trouble, and pays the attorney.
10. At any point past stage 7, if you feel that things are not going well, you should make a video including all responses, defects of your rig, and how things are being handled. Warning,  THIS IS ALSO A NUCLEAR OPTION. Post the video or review of what happened everywhere. Tag (#tag) keywords such as Lemon, RV, the manufacturer, the deaership, the brand, anyone involved with creating this nightmare. Post on Twitter, Facebook (including RV Groups), their manufacturers web pages and Facebook pages, pissedconsumer.com, Google, Better Business Bureau, etc.
11. If rig is repaired, Hire an inspector to help you go over the repairs and make sure there are no new problems. If you have to go to the factory, request the reimbursement for travel and expenses.
12. If repairs are not done satisfactorily or there are now more issues than before, either request a new rig or a buyout. If you have reached this point you are likely done with the company anyways. Sometimes they will make you sign a Gag Order (non-disclosure agreement), or a promise never to buy their products again. Both of these options are really terrible but likely they will be presented, especially if they have not provided good customer service and you are at wits end. It's an evil tactic used by their industry to silence you so you don't tell others your story. This may be your last option in order to get your money back or a rig that we would promptly sell.

It's a terrible pathway experiencing the downfall of customer service through these mega companies but you still have the power to turn it all around. Good Luck :)

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