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RV Travel Life | New Forest River Warranty Work Policy

Hebard's Travels Follow
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  • 3 years ago
In Response to:


RV Daily Report is a great way to find out what is going on in the RV Industry, and they provide the news along with what it means for RVers.

For this video we're discussing the article in the link above. RVs like ours are riddled with problems in structure, plumbing, and functionality. If you have been following our RV Lemon Series, you know we need extensive repairs to our rig (this discussion is not about our rig please keep comments to the subject).

For us, this new policy, would mean getting parts in quickly, and dealerships not telling us that it will take 2 months to repair our rig that was built in 3 days. We understand the challenges in repairing these units, given they are built poorly to begin with. Dealerships become saddled with the repairs and have some legal protection while trying to repair the lemon rigs. We are still thinking through what this means for the RV industry, but this could effect the build quality if dealerships refuse to carry their product. The current chain is as follows:

1. RV Manufacturer builds unit (problems and all)
2. RV Manufacturer sends uncompleted unit to the RV Dealership to be completed.
3. RV Dealership places unit on lot, and likely checks on them when they are being looked at for purchase. We know this because every dealership we had ever been to, to look at RVs, had unfinished RVs that they were selling on their lot. New or Old, ask them what they have had to repair since it has been on the lot.
4. Buyer goes to dealership, buys RV.
5. Dealer usually pitches their version of warranty, usually ignores the manufacturer warranty (not all cases).
6. Buyer takes home RV, and does "shake down trip". Yes, the RV industry has termed "Shake Down Trip" because they produce untested RVs, and expect the consumer to find the kinks.
7. Buyer returns to the RV Dealership because manufacturer won't fix it, they say it has to go to dealership. Dealership is not getting paid for all work, only qualified work. They take their time letting it sit on the lot. They blame it on the RV Manufacturer which could be true, or it could be they did not submit the paperwork.
8. Buyer plays a daunting game of telephone between Dealer and Manufacturer.
9. RV is finally returned months later and they have to experience another shake down trip, if everything was repaired and nothing else went wrong while it was at the dealership (mice, water damage etc.). Hopefully they are still within the warranty.
10. Repeat previous steps.

Very frustrating for the buyer. Since this industry is a mix between home owners industry and automobile industry, there should be more oversight and better service. This video is here for the purpose of discussion of the article. All off topic or comments will be deleted.
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