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Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell - Rampant F∆Ɔking Mur...

Lowno gamer™ Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Saints Row IV. Gat out of Hell side-mission game-play: hohoho Pimps and Hos Pedestrians! as there"s lots of ways to get Satan's attention but we should never forget the classic Rampant F#!king Murder. Pride is a sin the Devils army has in spades, so if you want to pick a fight you can bet your ass there coming in droves. With the President out of action, the focus shifts to tough-as-nails gangster Johnny Gat, The player controls Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington in an open world environment. Gat out of Hell shares many game-play aspects with the previous installments, being primarily played as a third-person shooter in an open world city scattered with quests, secondary objectives, and various collectibles. Superhuman abilities return from Saints Row IV. Gat out of Hell introduces "angelic flight", giving wings to the player. Unlike past Saints Row games, players cannot customize the playable characters; however, by importing a Saints Row IV save, players can import their custom Boss character to replace the default Boss. Unlike game progression in previous titles, players advance through the story by completing activities to fill a "Satan's Wrath" meter, which unlocks cutscenes and further story elements. Gat out of Hell takes place in an open world new to the series, New Hades, made up of five islands: Shantytown, Barrens, Downtown, Forge, and the Den, all surrounding a central tower on a middle island. The player is able to fly around the open-world hell. They can also summon demon allies to flight alongside them. The game's weapons are inspired by the seven deadly sins, e.g., a Gluttony Gun that shoots cake batter on enemies for other people to consume. The Third Street Saints hold a birthday party for lieutenant Kinzie Kensington on their spaceship, but while playing a game of Ouija Board with a board that once belonged to Aleister Crowley, they unwittingly contact Satan, who proclaims that The Boss will marry his daughter Jezebel. Satan drags the Boss down to Hell, with Saints lieutenant Johnny Gat, as well as Kinzie, volunteering to rescue them. Upon arriving, they find Ultor Corporation has a branch in Hell and suspect former Saints enemy, Dane Vogel, is responsible. Vogel denies involvement, but admits he is taking advantage of Hell's economy, offering to help the Saints save the Boss. Meanwhile, Jezebel is rebelling against her father, as Satan declares her a possession to him. Vogel helps Johnny and Kinzie get Satan's attention by going around Hell and gaining allies such as Kiki & Viola DeWynter, William Shakespeare, Blackbeard, and Vlad the Impaler. Jezebel finds Johnny and offers to take him to Satan's palace, in hopes he can defeat her father. At the palace, Johnny immediately confronts Satan, who threatens to kill Jezebel unless Johnny drops his gun. When he does, Satan gleefully boasts and praises Johnny, naming him worthy of marrying Jezebel. When Johnny refuses to listen, Satan forcibly makes a deal with Johnny to let Kinzie and the Boss go if he marries Jezebel in the Boss's place. Johnny shoots Satan at the wedding to no effect, so Johnny and Kinzie take out Satan's minions to force Satan into fighting them. They defeat Satan, who surrenders. Satan banishes them back to the mortal realm, along with Jezebel and the Boss. Johnny, however, is detained by God, who explains that Satan was plotting an invasion on Heaven since Zinyak hastened the Apocalypse by destroying Earth, hoping to use the Boss as the general of his army, and offers to repay Johnny for stopping him. Johnny is given one of five choices; God can allow Johnny to go to Heaven and be reunited with his deceased girlfriend Aisha, return him to Hell to become its new king, find a new home world for the Saints so humanity can be rebuilt, recreate Earth, or tell Johnny the secrets of the universe. Canonically, Johnny chooses to have God recreate Earth, resetting the universe of Saints Row and setting up the events of Agents of Mayhem. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is a 2015 open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition and High Voltage Software and published by Deep Silver. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game, serving as an epilogue to Saints Row IV, is a standalone expansion, meaning players do not need a copy of Saints Row IV to play Gat out of Hell. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were released both physically and digitally. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions saw a release bundled alongside Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, and was released both physically and digitally as well. The LIL' CROAKER gun!
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