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S&W 15-22: "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" by Nutnfancy...

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
The Smith and Wesson 15-22 is fun. Flat out good times can be had with this super light, well-designed .22 AR-15 clone. At just 5.5 lbs it has amazing portability and comfort in use. With it's adjustable stock and this lightness, it might just be a favorite of your kids and any female shooters in the clan as well. POUs for the 15-22 will of course include this very recreational use, that of an AR-15 trainer, an AR-15 accessory TEST BED, a survival rifle, and just a project gun to accessorize. its .22 LR chambering will afford high round counts without killing your budget. Several models are offered and shown, including "compliant" versions with plain muzzles, fixed stocks, and 10 rd mags. My favorite by far is the perfectly equipped #811034 (or #811035) M&P MOE 15-22. Equipped with Magpul MOE stock and grip (in black but easily DuraCoated if necessary), folding MBUS sights, and flush mounted single pt sling tie in, it wears many of my preferred accessories. Although it's more expensive, it's worth it. All 15-22s have polymer receivers and quad rails which account for the svelte weight. The quad rail follows 1913 Picatinny standards and it thankfully narrow in profile. It allows plenty of room for vertical grip, light, and bipod attachment. Be advised that "frame flexing" was noted in accuracy testing off bipod due to the polymer receivers/rail composition and resulted in wider shot variations. It should be a minor issue in most POUs. The stock trigger is marginal but can easily be replaced with any AR-15 compatible unit (or gunsmithed to lighter, cleaner pull). "Combat" style accuracy is excellent (in my RunNGun Drills) but less impressive beyond 50 yards on paper; around 3 to 4 MOA with good ammo. Tight ½" to 1" groups were achieved at 25 yards using the Weaver RV9 scope. Reliability is mostly excellent but several stoppages were noted among the two test beds (shown): stove pipes, failures to feeds, extract, and fire (ammo related). In the most recent #811034 these stoppages were infrequent and I assign it a subjective 99% reliability rating (this is a rating for your comparison, actual data tabulation from 1000s rds fired would be insanely time consuming and foolish expense of limited time). A problem with the mags surfaced: rounds failed to orient "tip up" for effective chamber feeding, possible as a result of dust ingestion into the open-sided magazine as predicted but I'm not positive. This was a rare occurrence and the magazines feature tough construction overall, a last shot hold open, and very welcome loading tabs (except 10 rdrs). Ergonomics are outstanding, especially in the MOE version and the gun takes all most AR-15 accessories. Sights on regular models are fully adjustable, heavy but removable. They provide an excellent sight picture just like regular AR-15 A2 varieties. The Magpul MBUS sights are a top quality addition to the MOE and preferred for lighter weight, ability to practice failed optics transitions (riding beneath optic, maybe scope), and better looks. Value is moderate since cost on the S&W 15-22s can exceed $500. But in terms of AR-15 operation similarity (reliable last shot hold open, functioning bolt release, 90º safety selector swing, ergos, furniture) the 15-22 has no peers in 2010 and will provide high and memorable levels of recreation, training, and service. It is a Sheep in Wolf's clothing. //////////////// Nutnfancy Likability Scales: M&P MOEs 15-22 #811034 or #811035: 9 out of 10; Comp version #811033: 8 out of 10; Plain barrel version #811030: 6 out of 10 ///////////// Music: Licensed to TNP from www.danosongs.com
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