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Santa Monica Pier: Shooting Video vs. Photography

Brendan van Son Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
As a photographer who also has a YouTube channel. Sometimes I feel the pull between video vs. photography. Today at Santa Monica Pier, that was the case.
Check out my work on IG at @brendanvanson | My photography gear at: https://goo.gl/s5PpK2
We got to Santa Monica Pier after driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. It's such a cool place, full of interesting people and at sunset there's such a good vibe. It was a warm day in Santa Monica too, so there were more people out than usual. The pier, I think, would actually be a great spot for some street photography. Or, to shoot video.
But, finding the balance between shooting video and photography is a bit of a battle. And, I've been struggling with it lately. For example, over the past couple weeks, I've been feeling more inspired by video shooting. I just think there are places and situations in the world where video looks better. And there are times that photography looks better. And, I tend to fight between the two. But today, I kind of realized that there are times where photos portray the world best, and times it's going to be video. I need to shoot what feels best, not necessarily both.
But, of course, as sunset happened at Santa Monica Pier, the inspiration to take pictures came back. And what had been a video session before hand, turned into a landscape photography shoot.
Tomorrow, on the photography channel, I'm going to six flags and I'm going to vlog the whole thing on the google pixel 2.
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