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Sarah Palin Can't Name Any Founding Fathers!

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  • 13 years ago
You know, it's not that I like writing about Sarah Palin. I don't. As I've said before, I find her boring, and when she eventually disappears from public life — or is forced out by the fickle nature of America's attention span — we'll look back on her silly popularity with a collective disgust, the same way we think about, oh, say, George Wallace.

That said, this is a funny time politics blog, so, ugh, below is a clip of Sarah Palin freezing like a startled Real American when asked — by hardballin' journo-crier Glenn Beck — to name her favorite founding father. The terror in her eyes reaches through the screen, and begs you (ANYONE) to please get me away from the lights and the cameras and the mean ol' questions folks are always askin'. But, oh lord, if people don't look at me then I'll cease to exist, exactly like in one of them gay Hollywood movies (probably).

So, anyway, when asked to name her favorite founding father, Palin goes feral and responds, "all of them." Ugh. Yeah. "All of them" are MY favorite too. What a great, informative answer! Oh, that's so interesting that you like all of the founding fathers. Equally. Wow, that's a great answer. "All of them" is also my favorite Stanley Kubrick film.

Then, oh god, she says, "George Washington," and she really could not be more thrilled with herself. She likes him the best, because — and I quote — "he was their leader." Bingo! That's also the same reason Leonardo was my favorite Ninja Turtle.

Read more at: http://trueslant.com/johnknefel/2010/01/14/oh-god-sarah-palin-cant-name-a-founding-father-haha-tear/

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