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SAYING GOODBYE - Life After College: Ep. 252

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  • 9 years ago

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Life After College Vlog Episode 252
Here is my Daily Vlog focusing on my life after graduating from college. By the way, I am a big fan of CTFxC and BFvsGF/PrankVsPrank -- I make lots of references SAAAN!

Features of this Episode:
- Saying Goodbye to the nice weather in Hawaii
- Stopped off at the orthodontist (my teeth are moving even after I had braces!)
- Packing to fly back to California
- Saying Goodbye to my dog (Knight the german shepherd) a very sad moment
- Back at Hawaii's Airpot
- Going through security check
- Playing Pokemon Pinball
- Boarding Hawaiian Airlines Airplane
- The only American Airlines that serves a free meal (Chicken, rice, chocolate covered macadamia nuts)
- Vlogging from the airplane bathroom
- Deleted footage from Hawaii: going through all of my childhood memories (pictures, high school, games, ID cards, and more!)
- Landing in Northern California
- Arriving back to my apartment
- Checking out my salt water aquarium to see how it did
- That smell of your apartment when you re-enter; smell memory (olfactory bulb)
- Not jet lagged because I never got off of California time
- Please check out my new website www.lifeaftercollege.com
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