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Schooling Fish - Reef Life of the Andaman - Part 15

Bubble Vision Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Schooling Fish. Part 15 of my DVD, "Reef Life of the Andaman", available at http://www.bubblevision.com/marine-life-DVD.htm or view the whole 2-hour video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ncUVddkK3Q

In this video we see how marine fishes form shoals and schools. Fish form these aggregations primarily for defence from predators. First we see huge shoals and schools of cardinalfishes at dive sites in Thailand, including various locations around Phuket, Racha Yai, Racha Noi and the Similan Islands. Later we observe various species of fusiliers and snappers schooling in Burma's Mergui Archipelago.

We then encounter various species of barracuda forming impressive schools at Racha Yai, Black Rock and Koh Tachai. At Western Rocky Island we see an impressive school of sawtooth barracuda forming a huge vortex.

We encounter a school of dogtooth tuna at Koh Tachai, a rare sight these days, and finally we meet schools of bigeye trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, a common sight at Richelieu Rock, north of the Similan Islands.

The following closed captions/subtitles are available by clicking the CC button under the video:

- English
- German (Deutscher Kommentar)
- Spanish (Narración en Español)

- Dutch (Nederlandse Namen)
- English
- German (Deutsche Bezeichnungen)
- Thai ( ชื่อภาษาไทย & จุดดำน้ำ )

Please get in touch with me if you would like to help translate the narration or marine life names into other languages.

I have more scuba diving videos and underwater footage on my website at:

I post updates about my videos, and interesting underwater videos from other filmmakers here:

The video was shot by Nick Hope with a Sony VX2000 DV camera in a Gates housing. It was edited in Sony Vegas Pro then deinterlaced with QTGMC and upscaled to 720p HD in AviSynth.

Thanks to Santana Diving of Phuket (http://www.santanaphuket.com), to Elfi and Uli Erfort and Daniel Bruehwiler for help with the German translation, and to Frank Nelissen for the Dutch subtitles.

Full list of fishes and dive sites featured in this video:

00:00 Tuna Wreck, Similans
00:15 Mangrove red snapper, Lutjanus argentimaculatus, Tuna Wreck
00:22 Cardinalfish, Rhabdamia sp., Tuna Wreck
00:30 Luminous cardinalfish, Rhabdamia gracilis, Home Run, Racha Yai
00:38 Swallowtail Cardinalfish, Rhabdamia cypselura, Racha Noi
00:43 Luminous Cardinalfish, Rhabdamia gracilis, Staghorn Reef, Racha Yai
00:53 Swallowtail Cardinalfish, Rhabdamia cypselura, Koh Bida Nai
01:01 Swallowtail Cardinalfish, Rhabdamia cypselura, Koh Doc Mai
01:12 Swallowtail Cardinalfish, Rhabdamia cypselura, Black Rock
01:18 Hardyhead Silversides, Atherinomorus lacunosus, Shark Cave
01:36 Mottled Fusilier, Dipterygonotus balteatus, Black Rock
01:51 Mottled Fusilier, Dipterygonatus balteatus, Shark Cave
02:08 African Pompano, Alectis ciliaris, Shark Cave
02:12 Striped Eel Catfish, Plotosus lineatus, Lucy's Reef, Racha Yai
02:24 Bigeye Snapper, Lutjanus lutjanus, Hin Muang
02:34 Bigeye Snapper, Lutjanus lutjanus, Anemone Reef
02:38 Bigeye Snapper, Lutjanus lutjanus, Koh Bon
02:47 Bigeye Snapper, Lutjanus lutjanus, Richelieu Rock
02:52 Bluestripe Snapper, Lutjanus kasmira, Rocky Point
03:01 Two-Spot Snapper, Lutjanus biguttatus, Anemone Reef
03:09 Two-Spot Snapper, Lutjanus biguttatus, Richelieu Rock
03:15 Variable-Lined Fusilier, Caesio varilineata, Koh Bon
03:20 Variable-Lined Fusilier, Caesio varilineata, Deep Six, Similans
03:30 Bigeye Barracuda, Sphyraena forsteri, Shark Point
03:37 Bigeye Barracuda, Sphyraena forsteri, Staghorn Reef, Racha Yai
03:43 Bigeye Barracuda, Sphyraena forsteri, Staghorn Reef, Racha Yai
03:47 Pickhandle Barracuda, Sphyraena jello, Black Rock
03:58 Blackfin Barracuda, Sphyraena qenie, Koh Tachai
04:06 Blackfin Barracuda, Sphyraena qenie, Richelieu Rock
04:14 Sawtooth Barracuda, Sphyraena putnamae, Black Rock
04:33 Sawtooth Barracuda, Sphyraena putnamae, Western Rocky Island
04:53 Dogtooth Tuna, Gymnosarda unicolor, Koh Tachai
05:08 Bigeye Trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, Richelieu Rock
05:17 Bigeye Trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, Black Rock
05:30 Bigeye Trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, Richelieu Rock
05:37 Pastel Tilefish, Hoplolatilus fronticinctus, South Twin
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