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Sea Salt vs Table Salt - All About Salt

ChefToddMohr Follow
  • Video description
  • 11 years ago
http://www.WebCookingClasses.com That very basic item on your kitchen counter is the next trend in culinary - gourmet salts. Regular iodized salt and kosher salt may be common to you, but there are new gourmet salts now entering the culinary landscape. In today's episode of Cooking Coarse, the online video cooking course, Chef Todd Mohr will recount the bloody history of salt, how salt is made, what effects the color of salt, why different gourmet salts have unique tastes. You'll see red Hawaiian salt, black mountain gourmet salt, smoked gourmet river salt, pink salt, as well as grey natural salt, and what dishes to use gourmet salts in. You won't look at salt the same way after today's episode filmed at Savor Hospitality, hosting wedding receptions in Cary, N.C.
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