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Secret Interactions: YASUO & Riven - Taunts and Hidd...

Brofresco Follow
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  • 8 years ago
Secret Interactions: YASUO & Riven - Taunts and Hidden Passive
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Yasuo has 6 special tauns for Riven, 2 can only be activated when Riven uses her 'Broken Wings' (Q) ability. Yasuo believes Riven to be the person responsible for the assassination of Yasuo's elder he was assigned to protect. The people of Iona believe Yasuo commited the murder, Yasuo has come to the League of Legends to try and find the real killer and regain his honor.

4 Taunts for Riven:
"Which weighs more Riven, your blade or your past?"
"You can't run from yourself Riven, I've tried"
"Everyone faces a reckoning, Riven"
"Broken sword, broken spirit"
2 Taunts when Broken Wings used:
"Huh, three swift strikes, wait..."
"That technique..."
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