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Sega Marine Fishing Game Sample - Dreamcast

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
FISH!! Welcome to Paradise Ocean!

Being the sequel to Sega Bass Fishing or "Get Bass" (in design and by the devs. but not in name), Sega Marine Fishing, created by WOW Entertainment, takes almost everything from Sega Bass Fishing and improved them almost exponentially, and Sega Bass Fishing was already a pretty fun game. What you end up with is more fish to rob from their ecosystems, more lures to catch them with, more modes, over 200 unlockable items, an aquarium, multiple online features, mini-games, improved graphics, a better soundtrack, more sophistications to the gameplay, and easily one of the best arcade-style fishing experiences you'll find on the Dreamcast as well as one of the best I've ever played (don't take this too seriously though, I'm not a big fishing game afficionado).

It's currently the last game in the series to have "less realistic" gameplay, as the Dreamcast Sega Bass Fishing 2 focuses on more realistic fishing elements with over 100 lures, the abiltity to actually look for fishing spots in your boat, have more customization of your characters, capture a certain amount of fish within a given day, no Arcade Mode (though you can adjust time in Free Fishing, it's not the same), character stats, etc., and is a more proper fishing simulation (that is good all the same).

Sega Marine Fishing is more exciting than the original SBF because of its exotic new locales with much greater distinction in the width and depth of stages, larger variety of fish that can be captured, fishes of varying size and weight which can increase your score, more intricate fishing rod manuevers and "Lure Actions" (which were carried over into SBF2), lower load times, less slowdown, more challenging fish, and greater longevity. I was rather entertained by this game and I really don't even play games of its kind very often (I played a few on SNES/SFC and "King Salmon" for Genesis/MD, but that's about it). This is a video of the game in action. Enjoy.
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