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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice EPIC BOSS RAP BATTLE | Rock...

Rockit Gaming Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice EPIC BOSS RAP BATTLE by Rockit Gaming feat. Rustage, Connor Rapper and Ninethie! Comment who won!

Rustage: http://bit.ly/2Uzueya
Connor Rapper: http://bit.ly/2TUxWy5
Ninethie: http://bit.ly/2UzUl8i

OFFICIAL Rockit Gaming Spotify Playlist: http://spoti.fi/2lWsaMN

Google Play: COMING SOON

It’s all in my head
It’s all in my head
When shadows die twice
My blade is covered in red

[Isshin, the Sword Saint]
They call me the Sword Saint
Sharp blades and sword play
Decorate the fields
With an open throat
Your blood sprays
Gasping out for air
Asphyxiate into a stare
You’ve been weakened
A shadow going nowhere

[Corrupted Monk]
was the guardian of the palace before my soul was corrupted
now i'm filled with malice and my strength’s only erupted
i've got this, wielding my impressive naginata
yeah, you may have killed me once but my true form’s even harder

[Gyoubu Oniwa]

Gyoubu Oniwa
A demon to the core
Fighting for my leader
Crushin skulls from my horse
Firecrackers whip snap
Crack under clashed swords
Dash back fast
Before you get destroyed

[Genichiro Ashina]
Face off against Genichiro
Pull from the sheath
Or reach the bow
The blood is seeping slow
I lunge perform a lethal blow
Timing that’s
Lighting fast
Flying past
Strike and slash
Hold my weapon with a titan grasp
Until your lying flat

[Divine dragon]
It's high time you prayed to the divines
you'll be a prey of mine
when I hit a swift strike
Old dragons of the tree
have nothing on me
when lightning strikes
you will fall eternally

[Headless Ape]
Echoes from within
Bouncing off crevices
In the cavern’s where I live
A giant with grievances
I’m relentless, I’m a menace
Vicious demons they’ve infested
Go ahead give me some credit
I can roar although I’m headless

[Emma, the Gentle Blade]
a medical professional, my knowledge is exceptional
but now i must slay a traitor, slicing multi-directional
how dare you forsake kuro, make sure this your last day
quick as lightning when we're fighting with my gentle blade

[Lady Butterfly]

Lady Butterfly
A master in the past
I’m playing with your mind
My knives are flyin fast
Nothing other than hallucinations
Snap Seed
it takes some concentration

[Folding Screen Monkeys]
Monkey see monkey do
Jump and leap, run and move
Purple orange green,
Search among the scenes
For the hidden few
The simian puzzle
Might leave you fizzled, befuddled
The smallest error causes wakes like a drip in a puddle

[Owl (Father)]
All that you learned
I see you're respecting
But even when burnt
you do not heed your lesson
You are stepping into the intense
fight with all your might
but you won't walk away again

Genichiro, Way of Tomoe
I live up on top
Of the castle watch me drop
My wardrobe as I’m
Cycling through my moves flow like a montage
Flippity dip
Swinging my stick
Pulling back my bow
Better heal up quick
I’ve got that way of Tomoe
Pause, comma
Hit my combo

[Great Shinobi Owl]
i'm sensing insubordination
wisdom like an owl you’re facing, make my mark upon this nation
hating shurikens? unfortunate, cus I'm the the one you answer to
recite the iron code, now you know your fear is absolute

[Guardian Ape]

An ape
Became immortal
and lost my mate
of the lotus of the palace
chop my face
I carry it around
With a sword in my hand too
Give me a death blow
Before I gut you

Isshin Ashina

Don’t underestimate
Because of age
One swing
I leave a dozen maimed
Ashira once a place of wonder
Now crushed under dust and flame
Drinking sake, a sip can fill you
Thinking of all these wars I’ve been through
see the shura shadow in your eyes
Don’t give me cause to kill you

[Demon of hatred]
My burning hatred has created
a fight you can try but you won't evade it
Anticipated your every step
With a fire whip slam this will be your final breath

It’s all in my head
It’s all in my head
When shadows die twice
My blade is covered in red
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