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Sewing Kangaroo Pockets

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  • 4 years ago
Now we’ve all seen, and probably worn a kangaroo pocket before! In fact, I’ll almost guarantee it. Just look at most sports wear (particularly jackets) and you’ll find one. A kangaroo pocket can easily be identified as it’s usually a large pocket sewn onto the front of a garment either as a whole pocket of in two halves.

And if you already know how to sew a patch pocket, then you’ll find this type of pocket a breeze as they are sewn in a similar fashion.

You can achieve some great results if you follow this process step-by-step:

1 - Neaten all of the raw edges if needed. This will all be dependent on your fabric choice.

2 - Working on the wrong side, turn over the edges of the pocket opening to the required amount and press.

3 - Machine stitch (top-stitch) into place on the right side.

4 - Turn and press the seam allowance of the other edges to the wrong side.

5 - Place the pocket into position onto the right side of your garment and pin into position keeping the pocket flat.

6 - Machine stitch along the top of the pocket.

7 - Stitch the sides and along the bottom.

8 - Re-enforce the four corners of the pocket with a diagonal zig-zag stitch.

You’ve just sewn a kangaroo pocket!

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