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Shoujo Mahou Gakuen [少女魔法学園] Game Sample 1/2 - PC/Do...

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  • 9 years ago
Shoujo Mahou Gakuen (or Magic Girl Academy) is a rare doujin fighting game made in the FM95 engine developed by the (now) prolific hentai and 18+ orginization, "Tinklebell" (or Tinkle Bell), who specialize in lesbian depictions of underage females and/or females who appear underage. They rose to fame due to their dynamic art style full of incredibly bright and colorful characters and their "passion" for their craft, creating a backstory for most or all of their characters and universe, including a backstory that describes Tinklebell itself. In fact, this game was based off of what was originally an old 18+ comic strip they did on tan paper (pointed out in-game, though the game itself has no adult content), periodically scanning different pages. They had a few pages on their site before this game was made and continued to add pages after the game was made as the characters from this game (and others) would go from fighting games to card and mahjong games.

Once they became a full-fledged adult entertainment site, they removed any references to their prior non-adult titles (fighting games like Miko Ichiban and tentative works like Princess Caroll) and removed any and all download links from any versions of their site, cached, waybacked or otherwise. I don't know why, as it's much better than what they do now and was a pretty integral piece of their history; they actually had quite a knack for making quality-looking games. However, this game was distributed in very limited quantities back in the mid 2000s by a distributor known as "The Daiso" under their "The Game" series on CD-Rom format, though the original game was free software. When they became popular, they decided to strip any and all freeware and overprice their old doujin on places like DLsite. Pity. We purchased the last copy listed recently and had it shipped from Japan. Daiso added a training mode character in this version of the game.

If you wanted an idea of their potential, then look no further. We recorded various footage off the CD and you can finally see this game in action. All the characters and illustrations are ENORMOUS, especially for a FM95 game... just the thought of them animating such large sprites is scary, and some are so large that they don't fit all onscreen. The game features six characters with voices and a general story which centers around four aspiring students learning magic, their teacher Emilia (who is the main character of the adult comic... not hard to see why), and their close bond and wacky antics which lead to inadvertently summoning a powerful demon into their world. The teacher decides to test each girls' magical aptitude to see how far they've come along when Jenny (the eldest student) decides to go too far and use an incantation they aren't skilled enough to control. Emilia defeats the demon (Juni) and sends her back to where she came from, and they rejoice while passing the class. Even in the game, you can see all the woman-to-woman innuendo.

The game has a rudimentary combat system. There are only two attack buttons and most moves are relatively simple to execute. Characters have some combo potential, but the game is more notable for each character being unique and distinct, possessing different movement mechanics, weight characteristics, and attacks that repel other attacks, so they have to be fought with different tactics (this isn't too obvious in this video as the A.I. is not particularly challenging). This is a video of the game in action. Due to Tinklebell's aggressive handling of their prior games and distribution, we're not providing this game at this time.
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